Az. Agricola Valle Martello

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Our Story

-Our Story-

This is a family story, like many others in the Italian viticulture, which started in the postwar years. This story is about passion and sacrifice, since when the founder Peppino purchased his very first Vineyard and started the grape harvest.
Planting the grapevines means settling down, growing roots, choosing to make the land your home, and leaving it to the following generations so they will love it as the founder did. For this reason Peppino, led by his intuition and calling for winemaking, carefully observed the land before buying it.
Peppino managed to pass on his enthusiasm to the sons who, year after year, actively contributed to the company’s growth. From Torre Monache, the winery moved to another piece of land, Valle Martello, which lately became the name of the company .

It is now up to the current generation, who took the leading role in the third act of this story. Since the year 2000, Peppino’s grandchildren are pursuing a project started 60 years ago with the same beliefs and values which led to the beginning of this endeavor: making great wines, emphasizing the territory and allowing people from every part of the world to enjoy it by enjoying a glass of its fine wine.

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