Brado Pecorino is a full bodied white wine. It shows a brilliant yellow color with greenish hightlights. The aromas of this wine are ranging from floral to yellow fruits, peach in particular. Evolution in the glass is slow and progressive; after a while the mineral nuances come to the surface. With a full palate persisting to an elegant finish, this wine is characterized by well-balanced acidity. It pairs very well with robust main courses, fish courses and cheese.

First example of vinification in purity of the native vine Cococciola. In the choice to vinify Cococciola there is a strong will to valorise our nearby territory, that of Colline Teatine, where Cococciola gives its greatest expression. It is a wine with intense and wide aromas, ranging from floral to tropical fruits. It is a white polyhedric wine characterized by a great acidity, suitable for starters. Perfect pairings are also sushi, fish dishes, main course and cheeses.


The rosé Brado is obtained from the soft pressing of red grapes. It shows a rosé color with delicate reflexes. The nose shows elegant aromas of red fruits and a fine floral note. It has a pleasant flavor, fresh, with a good aromatic persistence. It goes perfectly with fish soups, grilled fish, roasted white meats and aged cheeses.

valle martello

Wine obtained from Trebbiano grapes and small amounts of Malvasia and Cococciola. It is characterized by a pale-yellow color, a wide range of fruity scents such as pear and apple.It shows a good freshness, tastiness and persistence. It is ideal served with appetizers, fish dishes, white meats.

The word Cerasuolo comes from “Cerasa” which means “Cherry” in dialect from Abruzzo. In fact, in this region of Italy the rose wine take its name from the typical cherry-red color. To reach this appealing color, the Cerasuolo Valle Martello has been obtained from a softly squeezing of red grapes. Upon smelling it is characterized by an intense scent of cherry. Thanks to its freshness, it can be easily tasted with pasta, white meats and fish soups.

Wine obtained from Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes, from vineyards cultivated in rows with southern exposure. It is characterized by a powerful red ruby color with violet reflexes, an intense scent of red fruits, a persistent and full bodied palate. These characteristics make this wine perfect with the Mediterranean cuisine, roast meats, cheese and salami.


Ruby red wine with violet reflections and scent of black cherry and red fruits. It matches perfectly with all first courses of Mediterranean cuisine, salami, seasoned cheese and roasts.

The scent of ripe yellow fruit and the sapidity of this wine make it very pleasing to the nose and to the palate. Full bodied wine, fresh and persistent, it matches very well with fish dishes, seafood and cheeses.


The bouquet of white flowers is the prelude to a fresh, sapid and well balanced palate. The persistence of flavor and the straw yellow color of medium intensity are the hallmarks of this Trebbiano. Suggested dishes : aperitifs, white meat or fish dishes, young cheese.

The intense fruity note of cherry is the main characteristic of this Cerasuolo wine, produced with Montepulciano grapes. It is fresh and persistent to the taste and it expresses at best all its characteristics when served cool.
It goes perfectly with appetizers, fish soups and pizza.

prima terra

Prima Terra is a wine produced from selected Montepulciano grapes, cultivated in an ancient vineyard owned by the Masci family, the first, as anticipated by its name “First Land”. It is aged first in oak barrel, then refined in bottle for at least one year. It is characterized by an intense red ruby color. The bouquet reveals impressive jam perfumes while upon tasting it, it is pleasantly smooth thanks a gradual and delicate ageing.

The Sparkling white wine Valle Martello is obtained from Cococciola grapes. After a first fermentation under controlled temperature, the second fermentation takes place in autoclaves with Charmat method. A refining period in bottles for 8 weeks follows. The Sparkling wine Valle Martello shows a straw yellow color, a persistent froth and an intense bouquet. The taste shows a nice fruity note of pineapple and peach. It is a polyhedric wine, that matches well with all kind of dishes, from starters to desserts.


Villamagna DOC is the result of the valorization project of our terroir. It comes from a late harvest with manual picking of selected grapes. Ruby red in color with purple highlights, thìs wine shows intensely fruity notes of black cherry and blackberry. In the mouth it fills the palate with its smooth and velvety taste. Balanced and harmonic, it is a wine that pairs very well with Mediterranean courses, meats, salami and seasoned cheese.

Villamagna DOC Riserva is a powerful red wine, best expression of viticulture in Villamagna. After careful and selected manual harvest, vinification process is carried out in stainlees steel. The ageing in barrique starts after one year from vinification and it is carried out for 8 months. After bottling there is an additional refining period of two years. Red ruby in color, tending to garnet with ageing, it is characterized by a powerful body and scents of red fruits. Smooth in the final with hints of vanilla and chocolate.

Valle Martello Orange

Valle Martello Orange Wine takes origin from a challenge accepted by our wine maker Corrado Masci. It is a white wine that follows a very natural fermentation in concrete tanks with indigenous yeasts. The prolonged maceration with the skins gives it an amber color, typical of orange wines. It is an intense and full bodied wine, very pleasant on the mouth. It matches very well either with simple dishes or elaborated fish or meat dishes.